Xeriscape Design - Landscape design with a sense of place

Xeriscape Design is a woman owned waterwise landscape design firm. We work primarily along the Wasatch front and in the Wasatch Mountain valleys of northern Utah. We have been in business since 1996 and were one of the first xeriscape landscape companies in Utah.

In 2017 we narrowed our services to focus on the heart of our mission and passion - design and education. With a combined total of 38 years in the field as design-build landscape contractors we have the background, hands-on experience and knowledge to design waterwise projects that will thrive and endure. We have learned as much through trial and error as by study and this long history with our craft enriches and informs our work.

With many years of bidding and installing behind us we are skilled in designing landscape projects that meet clients’ budgets, needs and goals. Over time we have developed a deep knowledge of the xeriscape process through experimentation and study. We are experts in the areas of plant choice, use of appropriate hardscape materials, and drip irrigation and in weaving these components into a successfully executed landscape plan. We strive to meet our customers' needs while creating beautiful landscapes that are regionally appropriate and user friendly.