Resources & Books

Resources & Books


Books about Water

  • A Great Aridness by Willam Debuys
  • Unquenchable by Robert Glennon
  • Cadillac Desert by Marc Reisner
  • Beyond the 100th Meridian by Wallace Stegner
  • The Arid Lands by John Wesley Powell
  • Blue Covenant by Maude Barlow
  • The Big Thirst by Charles Fishman
  • Blue Revolution by Cynthia Barnett

Books about Xeriscaping

  • Xeriscape Plant Guide
  • Waterwise Plants for Sustainable Gardens
  • Durable Plants for the Garden
  • Plant Driven Design
  • The Undaunted Gardener
  • Xeriscape Colorado – The Complete Guide
  • Waterwise – Native Plants for Intermountain Landscapes (Utah State)
  • Landscaping on the New Frontier (Utah State)
  • The Xeriscape Flower Gardener: A Waterwise Guide for the Rocky Mountain Region