Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation

Even the most drought tolerant plants need water during the hot months of the summer particularly during the first three years when new plants are getting established, and during times of unusual heat and drought.

Over the years of installing and maintaining drip systems we have learned how to design thoughtful drip systems that ensure the survival of our plantings while saving water.

The benefits of drip irrigation are numerous.

Drip systems:

  • Water only the plants you want
  • Water deeply and slowly to encourage deep root growth
  • Are the preferred type of water delivery systems for water-wise plants
  • Do not waste water through evaporation
  • Can be artfully set up to give each plant exactly the water it needs to thrive through careful emitter arrangement and lay-out.
  • Are easy and inexpensive to maintain
  • Can benefit all non turf plantings be they water-wise or not

We include a watering schedule in our Landscape Handbook which customers receive at the end of a job that teaches you how to water correctly with your new drip system for the life or your yard.